Montgomery County Health Department and other surrounding counties are doing a Community Health Assessment Survey. The purpose of the survey is to get your perception about needs or problems related to physical activity, healthy eating, and identify health problems in our community. Click onthe link below to complete the survey.



Thank you for doing the survey, we appreciate your input.


city administrator

Fred Gress          Office:  (620)879-2772

City Mayor 

Chad Bradford            Office: (620) 879-2772      

Council Members

Nathan Byrd                   Ward 1
Ralph Anthony               Ward 2
tom Burk Jr.                  Ward 3
KEITH ROGERS                  Ward 4


City Clerk:                

Debbie Morrison

Office Staff:





Dan Johnston            Ward 1
kenith Butts              Ward 2
Dan Vernon               Ward 3
Zoe Wahl                   Ward 4


Assistant City Clerk:  

Terri Eckelberry

Superintendent of public works: 

Craig Evans           (620)252-5025 


Electricity - Westar Energy: 

Gas - Atmos Energy: 

Gas - Atmos Energy (Emergency): 


Power Outage: 

Water, Sewer, and Trash - City of Caney: 
(620) 879-2772


Sunnyside Cemetery:  (620) 515-6718     

                                            BUBBA MATTHEWS