The organization that hires contractors to do Weatherization home projects is soliciting names of contractors that may want to participate in next year's work.  Weatherization are loans or grants to improve energy efficiency in homes either free to qualifying homes, or at very low interest rates.  The payment comes directly to the contractor and home owner through this agency that contracts the work.


In addition to helping our community with projects, it would be ideal to doubly benefit by hiring local people. Please consider helping our neighbors!!!


Interested contractors must submit their contact information and trade area THIS WEEK. Send to Ashley Worley




city administrator

Fred Gress          Office:  (620)879-2772

City Mayor 

Thomas c. burk jr.           Office: (620) 879-2772      

Council Members

RALPH ANTHONY               Ward 2
lori patterson              Ward 3
KEITH ROGERS                  Ward 4


City Clerk:                

Debbie Morrison

utility billing clerk:





Dan Johnston            Ward 1
kenith Butts              Ward 2
deb wood                   Ward 3
AARON ELLIOTT            Ward 4


Assistant City Clerk:  

Superintendent of public works:  


Electricity - Westar Energy: 

Gas - Atmos Energy: 

Gas - Atmos Energy (Emergency): 


Power Outage: 

Water, Sewer, and Trash - City of Caney: 
(620) 879-2772


Sunnyside Cemetery:  (620) 515-4755     

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